Fresh- adjective/freSH/: Full of energy and vigor. Not previously known or used; new or different
Digital- adjective/dijitl/: Involving or relating to the use of computer technology
Presence-noun/prez?ns/: The impressive manner or appearance of a person

What is digital presence?

Think social media amplified; it is your social media presence across ALL forums: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. If you’re not optimizing your potential and keeping your message consistent across all platforms, your prospective clients will find you stale, confusing and out of date; but our FDA will keep you invigorated and fresh to stimulate your consumers and increase your ROI.

What We Do

At Fresh Digital Presence, we are a group of web-savvy, like-minded individuals who provide you with effective practices to transform your digital presence across various mediums. Your consumers are thirsty for information; quench that thirst by providing them with exactly what they are searching for. Not sure what they are looking for or how to do that? That is what our revolutionary Fresh Digital Audit (FDA) is for. We like to think of our FDA like the pixels of your computer; we take all of the pixelated fragments of your internet presence and streamline them so they make one big, consistent picture for you and your clients. We do that by providing you with a freshly squeezed and customized full digital assessment to maximize your digital presence.

Who Are We?

We’re refreshing, we’re enthusiastic, but most of all, we’re experienced in the world of internet marketing. When we established Fresh Digital Presence it was because we saw a need in the market space, especially with our own customers’, for digital presence management. With an intensive drive, creative framework and successful methodologies, our Fresh Digital Presence spinoff developed the innovative Fresh Digital Audit. This proprietary audit in conjunction with our unique website operates as a social media service for connecting our customers and vendors for digital presence management services. We’re on a mission to help our clients enhance their collective digital reputation, trustworthiness, online visibility and conversions through better digital presence management. Contact us and get refreshed with your personal FDA today.

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